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Job Management

The nucleus of the Joblink system provides you with all necessary components and options to fully run and process Estimates, Quotes and Jobs right through to Debtor Invoicing.

The Job Management Module provides detailed profit and cost analysis, graphs, actual vs estimated analysis, the ability to produce Progress Claims / Invoices; assign multiple staff / sub contractors to Jobs; jobsheets; recitification notices; import supplier quotes and prices; advanced markup, quantity and rate calculators; generate and use templates; provide professional quotes along with a large number of standard reports.

You can also record and track tasks and have automatic alerts for upcoming and overdue, Quotes, Jobs, orders etc.

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Enter and maintain prospects and debtors. Assign multiple and unlimited properties and contacts for each debtor. Process payments, track and view all transactions and view job status for each debtor.

Progress and Job Invoices are automatically updated to the debtors system. Manual debtor invoices can also be produced along with statements.

There are many standard debtor reports showing details, aged trial balance, outstanding and due transactions, audit trails etc.

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Stock Pricing

This facility allows you to enter or import unlimited supplier pricelists to use on Jobs and Invoices. It provides multiple Sell Prices, easily calculated margins and markups; weight, time and volume recording.

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Setup staff for use with quoting, job processing and / or admin. Assign charge out and hourly cost rates. Produce and enter timesheets which can be assigned to Jobs.

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Email System

Joblink have a full built-in Email system. All Estimates, Quotes, Invoices, statements and any report within the system can be emailed out. You can specify to create the report in PDF, Word, Excel or RTF format (Invoices, Quotes and Statements are only PDF). You can attach multiple docuemnts to an email, send to multiple recipients (cc) or simple generate an email message to send.

All emails are recorded in the system and assigned to their respective Job or Debtor. This allows easy tracking and searching for existing emails if needed. They are all in the one place.

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Defaults and System

Joblink has many user-definable options and settings to allow you to structure the system to suit your own requirements. It also includes a full user password system. Each user can be given access to or locked out of any areas.

Joblink also has its own backup and restore facilities, data management tools; Google Maps interaction plus many other features to make it extremely adaptable to your business requirements.

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The optional Creditors Business Module allows you to setup, control and process all information and transactions for Creditors, Suppliers and Sub Contractors within your business.

It provides unlimited contacts; invoicing; recurring transactions; purchase ordering and back orders; direct credit scheduling linking to bank software as well as extensive reporting and many other user definable default options.

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The Stock Control Business Module is an extension of the Stock pricing component in the Management Module.

This provides full Stock Control facilities tracking quantities on hand, allocated and on order as well as minimum and maximum reorder levels; kitsets; reminders; stock takes and extensive reporting.

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The optional Cashbook Business module incorporates the ability to setup multiple bank accounts; process withdrawals and deposits; bank reconciliations; as well as full GST processing including provision of GST Detailed and Summary reporting.

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The optional General Ledger Business Module provides the true accounting arena of your business but at the same time simple enough that you do not need to be an accountant to run it. You can setup a chart list; allocate Income and Expenditure; control assets and liabilities and easily produce financial reports including Profit and Loss and Balance sheets.

The General Ledger Module also has the facility to export data to your accountant.

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Utilising Pocket PC's, Smartphones, Netbooks and Notebook computers, the Mobile solutions will allow Quotes, Jobs and Timesheets to be done out in the field. All information and data can be electronically and automatically sent and received between the Office and the Mobile device.

The time and cost savings by not having to double handle data has been proven already. Tests done have shown ROI's of with one month of use per user.

If you would like more information on our upcoming Mobile Solutions - let us know.