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  Do I need to purchase the whole Joblink system ?

No. Joblink is modular. You do need to begin with the core module but you can choose which, if any, of the other modules to add. Other modules and users can be added at any time later on if required.


  What operating system does Joblink run on ?

Joblink will work 100% on any Windows operating system including 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Joblink can also be used on any standard network setup (peer to peer or dedicated server) inlcuing any Windows based network, TerminalServer and Citrix Server networks.

Joblink is NOT designed for Apple Mac systems.


  We get pricelists and quotes sent to us from our suppliers. Can these be used with Joblink ?

YES - if your supplier can provide this information in a data format (eg spreadsheet, CSV, XML etc) then we can provide the necessary inport facility for this.

Joblink already links to a number of major suppliers for both pricelists and quotes.


  Can Joblink connect to our existing accounting system ?

This depends on the ability of your accounting system to be able to import data. Experience has shown us that this is not usually a good idea. Systems that link to others still require double handling of data, importing, exporting etc. There is also the risk of duplicating records and / or missing data. By utilising the full business system within Joblink you can have everything in the one system without the need to double handle data.


  Is there a manual provided with Joblink ?
Joblink has a fully built in Help system that is accessible at the click of a button. We also provide phone, skype, email and remote access support, so any issues or questions you have are answered.