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Joblink was first introduced to Housing New Zealand (HNZ) Contractors in 1999. Since then the system has grown immensely both from input and requirements asked for by the users as well as the ever changing requirements of the HNZ Maintenance Contract that it conforms to.

Joblink has the unqiue ability to automatically receive all Jobs, Scopes and other relevant data sent by HNZ through the Joblink EDI Module as well as sending Invoices, XML data files, CIMS messaging and emails back to HNZ.

Joblink conforms 100% with the Performance Contract and CIMS stages I and II of the HNZ Maintenance Contract.

Joblink consists of a variety of modules allowing the contractor to choose to what extent they wish to utilise the power and performance of Joblink.

Modules include :

  • Core Joblink System
  • Scoping Module
  • Creditors Module
  • Stock Control Module
  • Cashbook Module
  • General Ledger Module
  • CIMS Module
  • EDI Module
  • Report Exporter Module

as well as Mobile Scoping and Mobile Jobs running on Pocket PC's or Smartphones for work to be done in the field.

A key component of the HNZ Maintenance contract is the use of Sub Contractors. We also have available Sublink which can be run by your Sub Contractors. Sublink allows the sending and receiving of Scopes, Jobs, Properties, Stock and prices between the Head Contractor (Joblink) and the Sub Contractor (Sublink) via an automated, electronic process. The Sub Contractor does not even need to be in the office to receive their work automatically.

The amount of time and cost savings for bnoth the Head Contractor and sub contractors is immense.

Joblink has been operating in 10 contractors across New Zealand from Whangarei to Christchurch over the past 10 years. It is the only commercial system that is used by more than one contractor and is recognised by Housing New Zealand as one of their preferred software solutions within the Maintenance Contract.

If you are tendering for an HNZ Maintenance Contract and wish to find out more information or have any queries regarding our Joblink system, contact us on :


or phone : 0064 7 579 1530

mobile : 027 270 6599